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Positive World

Workshops, training and coaching to promote emotional wellbeing

POSITIVE WORLD was born from a desire to help equip children with the skills and attitudes they need in order to thrive in the demands of a challenging world, at home, in school and beyond.

Mindfulness and positive psychology underpin our work. By focussing on personal strengths, mindfulness practices and positive emotions such as kindness, empathy and gratitude, we strengthen emotional wellbeing enabling children to flourish. We call it ‘The Missing Curriculum!’

Our bespoke workshops and training can also incorporate music, movement and storytelling.
We also offer one to one coaching sessions for all ages. Read on to find out more.

“The children now understand how their emotions affect their wellbeing and their capacity to learn. As a result of POSITIVE WORLD intervention their self worth has increased, they engage more confidently in the classroom and are able to access the curriculum more fully.”
Headteacher, Duchy School, Bradninch



Emotional wellbeing

A new sensory approach to emotional wellbeing through the use of mindfulness, music, peer massage, visualisation and movement.
Intensive small group intervention, 1:1 coaching and training workshops for schools, Early Years settings and private consultations for all ages.

‘Choosing different thoughts is making me happier. It is easier to come to school now.’
Fay, aged 7

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Music and Movement

  • Curriculum music lessons
  • Movement and dance programmes
  • Extra curricular music clubs
  • 1:1 tuition

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