Does your child find it hard to control their emotions?
Difficulty concentrating? Stressed or anxious?
Struggling to find help for your child? We can help!

We work with children and families and can help support children who are anxious, angry or feeling down. We support children who have SEN including ADHD and Autism. Our work also includes children in care and those who have experienced trauma. By working with the senses we are able to help children slow down and steady their attention which gives the brain a rest and helps them feel calmer and relaxed.

We help the children understand what is happening inside themselves when they have tricky times and we help them build a personal toolkit of ways to manage tricky feelings when they arise.

Through practical activities we encourage the children to focus on the positives in their lives and develop a sense of appreciation, gratitude and self worth.

The children are given information sheets and activities they can do at home with their families which can support the emotional wellbeing of the whole family.



We offer one to one coaching in the home for children and their families.

Costs: from £35 per hour plus travel according to location


Have you seen the benefits of a Positive World programme for your child and want to find out more for yourself? We run workshops with several families at a time in a school or hall setting. Contact us if you would like us to run a workshop near you.
For details of our forthcoming workshops at a venue near you see the EVENTS page.

If you belong to a network of support for your child’s needs we can also offer bespoke workshops for your network.