Our programmes are delivered by our trained staff to small groups, whole classes or one to one. We run programmes which are developmentally appropriate to the needs of children in EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

The programmes teach children to steady and then focus their attention through sensory experiences. They learn breathing practices to improve emotional stability.
Positive self talk and visualisation are used to strengthen implicit memory, boost self esteem and improve social communication.
Children engage creatively in taking responsibility for their own emotional wellbeing, making the impact deeper and longer lasting.


Based on the latest developments in neuroscience, children learn how their brain ‘wires up’ as they grow, how to build positive pathways in the brain and how the practices they learn can support healthy brain development.

Our objectives are to help children:

• steady their attention
• become more aware of thoughts, feelings and sensations
• experience calm and relaxation
• develop the tools to manage tricky times
• build a sense of gratitude and kindness towards themselves and others


• feel more positive
• feel calmer
• focus more effectively
• manage their own behaviour better
• manage impulses and self regulate
• show more compassion and kindness



We run bespoke training packages and workshops which teach staff how to incorporate mindfulness and positive psychology based on neuroscience into their existing provision.

“Lots of ideas that I am excited to take back into my school.” “The enthusiasm, passion and knowledge was inspiring.”

SENDCos from Newton Abbot.


Our programmes and workshops are not just for kids! Adults also benefit from our toolkit!

Our unique staff wellbeing workshops offer staff the opportunity to celebrate their strengths, relax the mind and body and learn some mindfulness practices for use at home or school.

Can be provided as one-off sessions or part of a programme.


We work with you to find ways of integrating mindfulness, positive psychology based on neuroscience into your existing provision.


You provide the families and funding, we do the rest!
Family workshops can be run during the school day or after school for targeted families or families in need.

Our work has even greater impact when the family is involved and can easily then be continued in the home for the benefit of everyone.

Activities are provided for follow up at home.


Order all the products you need to use in your own mindfulness sessions – see below to download our order form pdf.